Channel Manager Activation Procedure

Once the hotel is identified, one is faced with two possibilities:

  • the channel manager is already integrated by Netstorming: in this case, having already developed the plugin for the TOWeRS system, the channel manager will only have to bear the configuration costs for the tour operator will be easier to request the channel connection

  • the channel manager is not among the channel managers already integrated by Netstorming: in this case, the channel manager will have to bear the development costs for the connection to Netstorming and therefore may ask the tour operator for a contribution for this development

If the channel manager has not yet been integrated, it will be necessary to make arrangements directly with the channel manager to have the channel manager develop a Netstorming API connection.

The business component of this arrangement will be the responsibility of Netstorming's client tour operator.

Considering that the channel manager's earnings are proportional to the number of hotels that are connected for that channel, we suggest approaching the channel manager with a substantial hotel portfolio to connect.

Once the agreement of the Channel Manager has been actived,the technical contacts of Netstorming will be share to guarantee the necessary assistance for the development of the connection. The email address provided is

If the channel manager is already integrated (or has just closed the connection), you need to follow the steps below for the activation of each individual accommodation facility.

If the hotel has a channel manager, it is assumed that the collaboration is in Free Sale, therefore in the Category of the room contract, select FLEX.

If instead, the collaboration with the hotel is on an Allotment basis, it must be selected FIT CM (in this case the Channel manager will be able to enter and modify Extrallotment and Extra Rates, but will not be able to modify the Allotment and Tariffs sections).

To connect a hotel, you need to configure each contract that you want to manage through the channel manager (for the same hotel, some contracts can be managed with channel manager while others not).

The configuration of the contracts proceed as follows:

  • Choose the category of the room contract as FLEX or FIT CM

main options

  • Set the fields Closure and Release to “Only Free Sale”, since the channel manager should be able to update only the Free Sale

advanced options

Retrieve the mapping from the menu Admin > Massive Operation > Mapping Channel Manager