In this section is possible to add a New type of supplement by following the path: Admin > Supplement typologies. new supplement typology

The fields to fill are:

  • Code: a dedicated field for entering an identifying code (alphanumeric) that identifies the remark

  • Service: a drop-down menu for choosing service type of which the remark will apply to

  • Category: select one of the following values:

    • ancillary service
    • improvement
    • fees
  • Applicability: one of the following voices:

    • pax
    • adult
    • child: if selected, will appear the fields to enter minimum and maximum reference age
    • child cot excluded
    • room
    • reservation
  • Select: the supplement can be understood per night or whole stay

  • Mandatory: is selected by default and it's mandatory

  • Buy and sale: define the amount as a percentage or in currency

  • Type: can be:

    • percentage: can be based on purchase or sale
    • currency: will appear the possibility to select the currency
  • Description: insert the text that will appear in presence of this supplement; the text can be custuomizable depending on the parameters in the "i" icon

To make the supplement more general and be able to reuse it in different contracts, it is possible not to define Cost, Sale and Currency which will then become mandatory when the supplement is associated within the contract.