Booking procedures

To perform an availability request a client must be always set in the field “company”. The Tour Operator can chose to see results only from particular suppliers or to change the price comparison configuration.

booking procedures1

The search can be performed searching by:

  • hotel name
  • city
  • address
  • area

booking procedures2

Once selected the search parameters, the system will return all available properties.

booking procedures3

In this page you can apply different filters and order by different parameters. Click on the offer you want to book, insert passengers datas, read carefully all the reservation conditions and proceed with the confirmation. Once the booking is performed, the Tour Operator can find it in the section Booking Management > Booking Search.

booking procedures4

Check the booking status:

  • confirmed: the booking has been sent to the supplier/hotel and the agency has received the confirmation email.
  • sent: the booking is stuck in the system and needs to be checked by the operation team with the supplier; if the supplier didn't receive the reservation, the Tour Operator can move manually the booking status to “rejected”, if the booking has been received by the supplier and it is confirmed on their side, you can move the status to “confirmed”.
  • in modification: the booking is stuck and needs to be checked by the operation team as normally there is a blocking remark in the reservation that need to be filtered before sending the reservation to the supplier/hotel. In case there is no blocking remark, please go ahead as per procedures provided for the status “sent”.
  • awaiting confirmation: the booking has been sent to the supplier but it has not been confirmed yet. Please contact the supplier to chase the confirmation.

Pay attention: it is very important that the status on the supplier's website is the same of the one the Tour Operator has in its system, so be careful before updating manually the booking status on your system.