Promotion Binding

This section allows to set promotion conditions that can be directly applied to the tariffs loaded. They can be of various types: discounts, "free" nights with a minimum guaranteed booked stay, etc.

The promotions will be never combined (the last promotion loaded will be considered).


  • Start Date and End Date: the dates on which the promotion is valid.
  • Only valid for bookings created: you can specify a further period of validity for the promotion settings the period by date of booking creation
  • Period: this indicates on which days of the week the promotions entered are valid:

    • Weekdays: on all working days;
    • Weekend: on the weekend;
    • Both: in both the periods;
    • Days of the week: it is possible to specify the days of the week,
  • Visibility: it indicates whether the promotion is visible to the client, the supplier or to both
  • Note: notes about the promotions
  • Promotions: the promotion previously created will be selected in Administration > Hotels > Promotions
  • Delete: if selected, this enables you to delete the promotions rows already inserted.