If it is a delta reduction, the value will be negative. Example > Room Only reduction 5 euro x pax in BB tariffs

Reduction for room only

Advanced configurations

  • contract type, the room type, which may be inherited from the "master contract"
  • Inherit, to set the heritability of:
    • accomodations
    • reductions
    • remarks
    • promotions
    • vcc

The boxes are always selected by default, therefore the derived contract inherited from the "master contract" has all these characteristics.

The other conditions inherited by default but not present within the flag options ( example: treatments, remarks etc.) are:

  • Cancellations (Charges)
  • Minimum Stay

If the derived contract does not inherit them, it is possible to modify or add them (after entering the derived contract) from the "Commands" drop-down menu.

  • Block Contract
  • Child Reduction
  • Maximum Stay
  • Blocked: blocks only the derived contract and not the "master contract"; it can be made by selecting the flag “Blocked”:

Updating Availability

Updating Availability, Close dates and Extra Tariffs (with its supplement and reduction) from the master contract, these conditions will be shared automatically also in the derived contract.