Below will be explained the necessary steps for the creation of a New Remark. The remark could be set in the Remark section of a hotel contract.

Remarks Categories (Remarks)

This page enables you to create remarks categories that will appear during the booking phase in the section where remarks can be entered (using Remarks Typologies). Follow the steps: Admin > Remarks > Remarks Typologies.

Remark section

  • Name: a dedicated field where the identifying name of the category can be entered
  • Service: select the service to which the category that is being created refers
  • Delete: to delete the category created

To finish creating a new remarks category, click on the "Update" button.


This page allows the creation of New Remarks which can be associated with the stipulated contract or to manage remarks which have already been created.

New Remark typology

  • Code: a dedicated field for entering an identifying code (alphanumeric) that identifies the remark
  • Service:a drop-down menu for choosing service type of which the remark will apply to
  • Category: it defines the type of remark where the client can insert during booking
  • Rooms: in the case of remarks relating to Hotels, it defines which type(s) of room the remark applies to, if the system needs to enter these remarks itself
  • Target: this field identifies the visibility of remarks, especially:
    • Booking: if selected, it makes the remark visible once the is booking made
    • Availability: if selected, it makes the remark visible in the availability phase
    • Voucher: if selected, it makes the remark visible in the voucher
  • Visibility: field that identifies to whom the remark is visible: Client or Supplier
  • Block: The field that identifies whether the remark created will block the booking before its confirm/cancel The booking will be added to the blocked reservations and it will require operative work to unblock (remark will be filtered) or not. In this case the remark is not visible to the client or the supplier until it has been approved by the operative department.
  • From: this field identifies the sender of the remark: Office, Client, Supplier
  • Text: this field that identifies whether the client can enter a text during the booking. This field can be set to:
    • No: the text cannot be entered
    • Optional: the text can be entered, if desired
    • Request: the text needs to be entered
  • Description: according to the languages of the system, there are fields dedicated to the description of the remark for that specific language (en, fr, nl, ar, pt-br, tr).