Updates and Reminders


To add notes to an opened issue, you just have to click on “Update”, then write your own note in the field “Notes” and click on the button “Submit”.

Issue States

Below are described the several states of an issue:

  • New: every support issues start with this state

  • Feedback: NetStorming asks for additional information before solving the issue

  • In progress: NetStorming is working on the issue

  • Resolved: NetStorming notifies the solution of the issue

  • Rejected: NetStorming rejects the issue for some reason

  • Closed: the author of the issue accepts the answer/solution given by NetStorming

Every change of the issuing state (ticket possible solution or other) will be reported by e-mail. If the author of the issue doesn't accept the solution given by NetStorming, he can change the state and put it back into “In progress”, explaining why he reopened the ticket.

If the technicians need additional information to solve the ticket, they can add a note and change the state from “In progress” to “Feedback”.

When the author will reply, he should change again the state to “In progress”. Please follow this procedure because Redmine automatically updates the status from “Feedback” to “Resolved” if nobody comments on the issue for 15 days. Differently, the state “In progress” doesn't change automatically even if no one comments on it.

Also, the “Resolved” state turns into “Closed” after 15 days of inactivity.This automatic update avoids the accumulation of a lot of issues which are already solved but whose state hasn't been set to “Resolved” or “Closed”.

Kindly note, that the reminders should be done by adding a note to the issue. In the case the issue hasn't been assigned you could notify this to technical@netstorming.net or dataentry@netstorming.net, indicating the ticket number.