Transfer Direct Contract

Last Update: 19/10/2020


The purpose of this document is to explain to you all the necessary steps to import transfer service into the system, that can be booked by the clients by performing simple availability searches.

Before we begin, here to follows a short explanation of some of the most important parts that define a transfer, this should help you to understand how transfers are structured and what functionalities these may have.

  • Pickup points / Meeting points: each transfer will have a start point and an endpoint, these can be either a hotel or a landmark, like an airport, a train station, a square, etc. Types of landmarks can be defined as desired. For each pair of pickup points several transfers can be defined.
  • Vehicles: Vehicles are the core of each transfer, so the tariffs for a transfer will be defined for each specific vehicle. So for each transfer defined, more than one vehicle can be connected, and each of these will have its own tariff. Vehicle types and description can be defined as desired.
  • Contracts: each tariff defined for some vehicle will be connected to a contract, in this way the supplier that will actually provide the service is identified, and can also be notified automatically when his transfer is booked if desired.

It is possible that some data may already have been loaded in the system you are using, however we will assume we are starting from an empty setting and explain all the steps.