Connecting hotels to transfer pickup point

If you want some hotels to appear as selectable in the availability search, or if you want to define different tariffs based on which pickup point the hotel is connected to, you need to connect the desired hotel to the pickup point.

Go to Admin > Transfers > Attach the hotels to the points. Select then the country and city desired, a page with two columns will appear.

On the left side you’ll have all the hotels of the selected city with their respective addresses; on the right a select box “Areas and points”, select “All the zones” in order to load all the pickup points.

Attach the hotel to the meeting point

Hotels that are already connected to a pickup point will be highlighted, like “A tribute to Music” in the example, by clicking on it, a small window will appear showing the name of the pickup point connected. Same happens when clicking a highlighted pickup point, a list with the connected hotel/s will appear.

To connect one or more hotels to a point you need to check their box, do the same for the pickup point you want to connect, and then click on Attach the hotels to the points button.

Here you can also create a new pickup point from an existing hotel by flagging the hotel and then clicking on Use the hotels as the points.

For example if you do this with hotel “Abbazia”, in the pickup points page a new point of type hotel will appear named just like the hotel.