Create a new type of pickup point

From the button “Types of pick up points” you can define your custom pickup type, from the left field define a short identification code, its name and description, but before you click type in for inserting it first select “Services” and check the “Transfers” field. It's necessary to associate the “Services” to transfer.

After inserting it, you’ll see a picture appear on the right and if you wish you can upload a picture for it, this will appear in availability.

Type of new pick uo point

  • Reservation time: is a multilingual field in which you need to specify what do you refer to when expressing the start time of the transfer.
  • Destination: this is actually the list of already inserted types of pickup points.

    * The reservation time depends from the type of pickup point and type of reservation, so this can be customized for different types of destinations.

Example: if the start point of the transfer is a hotel and the destination is an airport, on the reservation time you can write “Indicate pick-up time 3 hours prior flight departure”. By doing this when the client selects as departure point a hotel and an airport as destination, near the box for selecting the time an informative note “Indicate pick-up time 3 hours prior flight departure” will appear automatically.