Create a Transfer

Go to the section Admin > Transfers > Transfers. Select the country, city and pickup point of the desired starting point, and do the same for the arrival point, then click Search.


For defining a new transfer click New transfer and a page with a list of the vehicles defined in the system will appear.

At this point you can, by checking the box on the top right of the panel (this can also be modified later), already define whether the transfer will be:

  • Both the directions: meaning even reversing start point and end point in an availability search will return this transfer.
  • On request: transfer booking won’t be immediately confirmed type of vehicles

You can check one or more vehicles among the suggested ones, once a car is selected where a small window will appear in which you can define:

  • period requested: approximately the duration of the service
  • if the vehicle is private or public: based on this selection will be loaded the pickup points remarks in the availability search result
  • some specific notes/description for this vehicle applied solely to this transfer, in various languages

When finished click Type in to insert the new transfer. Now that the stretch is inserted, it will appear with three checkboxes and a list of functions.


To change the setting of any of the three checkboxes “Both the directions”, “Active” and “On request” it is not enough to check/uncheck them, you need also to click the Update button afterwards.

Note. Remember to flag the “Active” checkbox in order to see the transfer appear in availability. In order to add some tariffs, select Tariffs from the list of functions. Then a list of vehicles will automatically appear: these are the vehicles that you have checked initially when creating the transfer.

Select the vehicle you want to add tariffs to.

select the vehicles

Here you can define:

  • the reservation period when the tariff will be applied to
  • the currency of the net price of the tariff
  • the type of the tariff:
    • for passenger: the final cost will be multiplied for the amount of passengers
    • for car: the cost defined will be the final cost
    • by grid: you can define the cost for a person based on how much persons are you making the reservation for. For example: from 1 to 2 passenger cost per person is 50 Eur, from 3 to 5 cost is 30 Eur, etc.
  • the sale's type: you can choose whether the selling cost of the transfer will be defined ahead - select Net -, or whether you want it to be calculated dynamically by defining a Markup.
  • contract: choose the supplier of the transfer from the list
  • number of extra luggage allowed, net price and selling price
  • night supplement: by default it is set to “No supplement” which means that the tariff is always the same. To change this behaviour you can define the range of hours when the supplement will be applied, and also select:

    • “Markup”: the additional markup that will be applied to the total final cost of the basic tariff
    • “Net”: the cost applied to the total final cost of the basic tariff
    • “Not Available”: in this case the transfer won’t be bookable during the period of hours specified
  • event supplement: same as for nightly supplements, but here will also need to define the festivities/special events in order for these to be applied. For more details see Events and Holidays section.

To add vehicles to a transfer, modify descriptions, changing the pickup points, etc. select Change from the list of functions, when done click Update.

To delete a transfer, select Delete from the list of functions and then confirm the cancellation in the popup that appears.