Creating a pickup point

Go to the section Admin > Transfers > Pickup points, select the country and city where you want to define your pickup point.

Select then areas “All the zones”, this selection box is normally used just as a filter when there are many pickup points defined for a city.

Creating a pickup point

Before you proceed in inserting the details of your pickup point, check first if the type you want is already defined, otherwise click on the button types of pickup points on top (or bottom) of the page.

For a new pickup point you can define:

  • the name in the languages on the system (en, fr, nl, ar, pt-br, tr)
  • the type
  • the area (only if desired, this won’t have an influence on the transfer’s availability search)
  • flag the “Visible in the booking” box in order to make it selectable in availability phase. Usually all pickup points are defined as visible, the other ones are mostly for defining hotel points (more details on this in section)
  • click on “Services” and select the “Transfers” box in order to enable it
  • four different kinds of descriptions in various languages, these will appear to the client when booking a transfer.

    • “Departure” notes will appear only when the transfer will start from this point, “Arrival” for the end.
    • The “Public” notes will only apply when the booked transfer will involve a “public” vehicle, more details on this later in the Creating a transfersection.
  • the necessary additional information fields if needed, for defining new ones. These are used in the booking phase to request some data to the client, so for example activating an additional field “Client phone number” means that during the booking procedure the client will be asked to insert this information.

  • Note. This means that if we activate for example “Client phone number” for a pickup point “Venice Marco Polo Airport” this specific additional field will be requested to the client for every transfer that involves this pickup point.