Dataentry Steps

Listed below are all the necessary steps that need to be done in order to create a transfer that will appear in availability.

Creating a supplier

First of all it is needed to create a supplier, this will be the actual supplier of the transfer service. Skip this step if the desired supplier already exists in the system. Follow the path Admin > Suppliers > New Supplier and fill in all the necessary fields.

Create a contract for a supplier

Go to the section Admin > Transfers > Contracts. Here will be listed the existing contracts that can be amended by clicking on “Change” button.

To create a new contract click on New Contract.

New Contract

Here you have to select the desired supplier from the list of existing suppliers, and even rename it at will.

The various fields mostly refer to supplier’s contact information, but here you can also define:

  • the markup that you wish to apply to all product sold by this supplier
  • cancellation policies
  • release

Once all fields have been filled click the Confirm button.

Note. Markup, cancellation policies and release defined at this step are the default ones, meaning that it is possible to specialize them for each transfer later on. A created contract can be modified when needed by clicking on Change, now two more buttons will appear Releases**** and Cancellations.

Option Tools

See the sections for more details.