If you want to add some supplements to a transfer, that could be for example an “extra waiting hour”, “porterage” or some special tax, first you need to go to Admin > Transfers > Extras and define the supplement you want to add.


Here you can define:

  • name
  • description
  • the period: “daily”, “weekly” or “una tantum”
  • select “Transfers” among the Services
  • the target: for each passenger or the whole reservation
  • if it is compulsory or not
  • whether the extra has to be paid on spot or not
  • Delete

For example, if we want to define a “Boat tax” because we have a transfer that needs to access a port, it would look like this.

Avanced option

Then, you need to add this extra to the transfer, to do this select Extras from the list of functions of the transfer you are editing. Here you can set the costs, the periods in which the extras will be available/will be applied, whether it can be on request.