Tariff Specialisations

Tariff specializations are special tariffs that derive from the basic tariff defined for a transfer, these can be inserted automatically or manually if any Groups are defined.

By defining a group and linking some customers to it (you have to do this from the client page configuration), means that for that particular customers a different tariff will apply.

So we can go to Admin > Clients > Groups and define a group, for example “Special offer”, here we can already define in the “Transfers” field a markup of our liking, or a variation of the markup. In this case, when we will insert the tariff for our transfer, the specialized tariff will be loaded automatically.

Note. Specialized tariffs are always loaded as selling price, night and holiday supplement may also be specialized.

To delete a specialized tariff flag the “Delete” checkbox of that single specialization - attention not to delete the main tariff - and then click Delete.