Manual for mark up setting

Explained below are some steps about how to set up the markup for clients and for hotels.

Markup for the clients

To set up a markup for a client, it is necessary to associate first the client to a group. If the group has not been created yet, go to menu Admin > Clients > Groups > New Group and fill the fields with the set up about the markup.

New Group

Once the group has been created, it is needed to go in the Configuration tab of the customer's profile and associate the group to the client (label “Group”).

In the page Admin > Clients > Groups, if a group is selected, it is possible to see the markup setting and the list of the clients associated.

Mark up for the hotels

In the page Configurations > Plugin dataentry > Markup setting it is possible to choose the country and the city to see all the hotels loaded for that selection.

If you click on > Change it is possible to set a markup and a discount for that hotel for all clients.