Room contract mapping

Once the hotel is connected, to retrieve the mapping from the menu, is necessary to click on the icon as shown in the screenshot:! icon

Click on “PDF” button to see the fields below that the channel manager should receive from the mapping:

  • Hotel code

  • Dedicated access credentials for the Channel Manager

  • Percentage of commission agreed for sending the net tariffs

  • Room contract code

  • Contract name (ctype)

  • Type of service (breakfast included, room only, etc.)

  • Type of rooms to be activated (SGL, TSU, DBL, TWN, TRP, QUD)

Room Mapping

The presence or absence of derived contracts (in this case the derived contracts must be mapped for the correct reception of bookings and to reduce the availability booked from the master contract).

Now the hotel is connected, the channel manager will have the opportunity to update the following sections:

  • Extrallotment

  • Extra Tariffs

  • Minimum and Maximum Stay

  • Closures

The validity of the room contract is configurable in the Allotment and Tariffs sections and corresponds to the date up to which the latter have been set. This means that all the operations made by the channel manager for the dates outside the validity of the contract will be ignored by the system.

Therefore,the channel manager can modify an existing contract with correct validity. For a rapid creation of a FLEX contract, use the special button, then set the availability for each type of room putting 0 in the Allotment section and set a limit rate in the Tariffs section (limit value that the channel manager cannot go exceed).

Once the channel manager has configured the connection parameters and the contracts have been created and activated through the TOWeRS system, it will be possible to receive the first update of extratariffs.