Pricing Policies

This section allows to insert the various markup for the final client, different according to the service.

The funcionality "Hotels credit" if flagged allows the Tour Opertor to provide a specific credit to the Client based on different items such as:

  • Amount
  • Currency
  • If the credit is allowed on amonthly or annual base

It can be defined to deduct the credit form the total based on:

  • Creation date
  • Check in date
  • Deadline date

If you choose to recognize the credit on a monthly basis, you can specify further details in the specializations such as:

  • day of the month in which the credit is deducted
  • definitions of the months in which the credit is deducted
  • at what percentage of reaching the credit threshold the system must send a warning email

If the credit ends without being "recharged", the Agency is automatically prohibited from making further bookings.

In the event that the credit limit is not sufficient and the Customer is set up with the "block payment under prepayment date", it will be possible to proceed with the booking via credit card.

With the same scenario but for sales via xml, the system does not allow you to proceed with the booking.