In this section you can add a New tariff new tariff

You must fill in the following mandatory fields:

  • from locality: indicates the place of departure
  • arrows in the middle: indicate whether the tariff is valid only for one or both directions
  • to locality: indicates the place of arrival
  • vehicle: indicates the type of vehicle
  • category: indicates the type of category of the transfer
  • from: indicates the day of departure of the contract (optional)
  • to: indicates the end day of the contract (optional)
  • buy: enter the net price of the service
  • currency: you can specify the currency
  • tariff type: can be Markup or Amount. This field allows you to set the type of "margins" you want for a given contract.
  • markup: it is possible to enter a value (percentage) of markup, different from the one set by default in the contract master data;
  • active: You can define the sale amount. Once selected, the relevant field for insertion appear.

The following advanced configurations are not required:

  • from (hours): indicates the time at which start the validity for that particular rate
  • to (hours): indicates the time at which the rate ends
  • period: indicates on which days of the week the rates entered are valid
  • typology: admits only three types of values. • Private • Public • Shared
  • vehicle brands: you can list some examples of cars that will perform the service (for example "Audi A3, Mercedes-benz class A)
  • driver information: You can list some characteristics of the driver (e.g. "the driver speaks English)