Web Services

This section has to be filled up in case we want to sell to the client via xml.

It has 2 types of Level, the level determines how many information return to a request for hotel details.

Web Services

  • Level 1: If the client buys exclusively from the web interface, leave the value 0 and proceed with other tabs.
  • Level 2: If the client buys through xml, it is necessary to configure the following parameters:

Level 2

  • Web services: Level 1: [ ] , Level 2: [ ]
  • Kalima XML - Blocked in deadline: It allows you to decide if you want to block the booking when already in deadline and which error message you want to return.
  • Duration of cache of availability search (in seconds): If set, it overrides the default cache time used for customer availability for city/multi-id or single hotel requests. Low values concern more fresh availability.
  • Timeout threshold for supplier's response (in seconds) - MULTI ID
  • Timeout threshold for supplier's response (in seconds) - SINGLE ID
  • Use the currencies of the supplier: if selected, the system uses the currency of the supplier instead the currency of the customer.
  • Landing url: (only for the B2C) you can choose a specific url where the client will land to finalize the booking.
  • Block dynamic currency: if active, it ignores the currency requested via xml.
  • Forced currency: if selected, it overwrites the currency selected by the user for the request.
  • Change room type if innacurate: if selected and the SYS_INACCURATE_BEDDING_TYPE remark is present in the contract, it replaces the room type. Example: dbl/twn is translated to 2px, sgl/tsu is translated to 1px.
  • Timeout for the confirmation of bookings:if set, it automatically cancels the reservation if more time passes between creation and confirmation than the seconds set as timeout. If only flagged, consider the default of 60 seconds.
  • Request limitation (per minute):if set, overwrites the maximum number of xml requests per minute that the client can make. This setting works only on multi-id and per-city requests.
  • Show provider: if selected, returns a tag with the supplier's name in XML messages.
  • Show net prices: if selected, returns the net prices in the availability and booking/track responses.
  • Show Channel Manager: if enabled, returns a "channel" attribute in the agreement tag of the availability response, indicating the Channel Manager ID linked to the contract.
  • Custom hotel inventory: possibility to upload a csv file with a specific set of hotels per customer (the file must be composed of a single column with the hotel IDs).