This section allows to set the cancellation plans for the whole validity of the contract or just for single periods by simultaneously loading a restrictive charge policy; these plans will overwrite the cancellations set in the Allotment section.

It can be distinguished for the C clients and the S suppliers.


  • Start date: first day of cancellation
  • End date: last day of cancellation
  • Cancellations plans: are used to facilitate the loading of cancellation policies, especially in the case of different seasons or if there are different dates under the same season and allows to define a specific period by relating the corresponding cancellation policy. They can be created by using the "Cancellations Plans" button cancellation plan

  • Group: group of clients to whom the cancellation applies
  • Hours: the deadline in which the cancellation is free of charge, in terms of hours or days from check-in
  • Penalty: the value of the penalty
  • Type (of penalty):
    • percentage: the value of the penalty is a percentage of the booking total
    • currency: the value of the penalty is a definable amount per
      • target (pax or per room)
      • period (nights or total)
      • currency of the penalty to be paid
      • nights: number of nights to pay.

To summarise the penalty to pay can be calculated as a percentage, for the number of nights charged compared to a whole stay, or for the monetary value set per pax or per room per night, or for a total amount.