Promotion Binding

This section allows to set promotion conditions that can be directly applied to the tariffs loaded. They can be of various types: discounts, "free" nights with a minimum guaranteed booked stay, etc. promotion binding

  • Start Date and End Date: the dates on which the promotion is valid

  • Visibility: it indicates whether the promotion is visible to the client, the supplier or to both

  • Note: notes about the promotions

  • Type: you can select here the promotion previously created

  • Only valid for bookings created: you can specify a further period of validity for the promotion settings the period by date of booking creation

  • Period: this indicates on which days of the week the promotions entered are valid

  • Cumulative: if selected, it means that the promotion can be cumulated with the others that show as selected. once clicked, a new box will appear and you will have to insert the priority of the cumulation

  • Valid nationalities: shows the nationalities for which the promotion is valid

  • Delete: if selected, this enables you to delete the promotions rows already inserted


Below are explained the necessary steps how to create and manage a Promotion that will be subsequently set in the Promotions section within a hotel contract.

To create a New Promotion follow the step: Administration > Hotels > Promotions. Entering this page, the list of promotions that have been already created will appear with the option to modify and/or delete them (operation possible only if it is not tied to any hotel contract).

Click on the "New Promotion" button at the bottom of the page to create the promotion to link with the hotel contract.

This page is divided into 3 sections:

  • Description
  • Rules
  • Actions

new promotion

The first section of Description:

  • Name: insert the identification name of the promotion that will appear in the drop-down menu of the Promotions section within the anagraphic page of a contract, the languages are those indicated in the system

  • Target: this field used to set which prices the promotion will be applied to: Net, Sale, Both

  • Multiple: if this field is indicating YES, it means that the same promotion can be applied several times. Example: a 3 x 2 (stay 3 nights pay 2) becomes a 6 x 4 (stay 6 nights pay 4)

  • Forced: if this field is set to YES, it means that the restrictions time of the promotion have to be completely respected

  • Apply to - Extras: if this field is selected, the promotion will also apply to the prices of Extra beds and/or Cots

  • From Suppliers: if this field is selected, the supplier can decide whether or not to apply the promotion via the Extranet

In the part dedicated to Rules:

  • Check-in day: set the day(s) of check-in for which the promotion will be activated. At least one check-in day needs to be flagged, otherwise all days will be considered valid for the promotion

  • Reserved Days: the minimum number of nights required in order to activate the promotion (in numbers)

  • Days before: the minimum number of days (in numbers) are required from the check-in date to ensure that the promotion is active (example: "Early Booking")

  • Rooms: the type(s) of room in which the promotion will be applied. At least one room type needs to be flagged in order to the promotion to be activated

Lastly, in the part dedicated to Actions:

  • Discount: enter in numbers, the value of the discount that will be applied if the rules of the promotion are satisfied for the booking. It is also possible to enter discount values with decimal numbers by separating the digits with a full stop (.) and not a comma (,). Filling in this field prevents the "Paid Days" field from being filled in

  • Discount type: set the type of discount that will be applied to the value given in the "Discount" field:

    • %: percentage value
    • Amount: monetary value
  • Paid days: enter (in numbers) the number of nights that need to be paid by the client if the promotion is applied. Filling this field prevents the "Discount" and "Type of discount" fields from being filled in

  • Nights not to pay: if the "Paid days" field is filled in, select which nights should not be paid by the client:

    • First Nights
    • Last Nights
    • Cheaper Nights
    • More Expensive Nights
    • N-th Nights: the N-th night is free, it is used ONLY on the promotions NxM (N=reserved days, M=paid days)

      Shown below some examples ($ paid nights, F free nights):

      A stay of 7 nights with promo 3 x 2 multiplies, becoming a 6x4 which allows you to pay for 4 nights as established by the configuration of the promo. If the N-th night option is added the promo becomes:

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7

      $ $ F $ $ F $

      The free night will always be the last of the reserved days applied: in this case a promo with reserved days at 3 will be applied twice so the free nights are 3 and 6 a stay of 8 nights with a 6x4 promo and the N-th night

      1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

      $ $ $ $ F F $ $

  • Treatment: the fill-up of this field is optional. If it is set, the treatment inserted can be changed in the contract if the conditions of the promotion does not provide for it