This section allows you to load the number of rooms in "Allotment", ie in immediate availability, granted as a result of negotiation with the hotel.


This filter allows you to view dates up to a maximum of 90 days

  • Start Date and End Date : the dates in which the rooms are available

  • Generic: the "counters" of the allotments can be of three types:

    • not generic: there is a counter for each type of room inserted
    • generic: there is a single counter for all types of rooms inserted, therefore the rooms number must be set to the same value or set to zero
    • double only: double rooms and twin rooms share the same counter, while all other room types have their own dedicated counter
  • SGL (Single), DBL (Double), TWN (Twin), TRP (Triple), QUD (Quadruple), STR (used to manage room occupancy for more than 4 people): fields dedicated to the insertion of the number of rooms for each room type

  • Cancellation: the number of hours before the checkin, within which the reservation can be cancelled, if confirmed, without charging any amount to the client

  • Release: the number of hours before the check-in, within the room can be released, if unsold

  • Split: if selected, it allows you to insert a new period of allotment, inside a period previously inserted

  • Group : it's possible to assign the allotments to a specific “Group of clients" (to manage customer groups, use the path: Admin> Customers> Groups ) or to "All customers" within the system

    • Example: if for an allotment from 09/01 to 09/02, for the period 10/01 - 11/01 you decide to sell the contract at a different price, by using the split and you obtain these 3 allotments:
    • 09/01: old price
    • 10/01 – 11/01: new price
    • 12/01 – 09/02: old price

allotment plan

Advanced Configurations:

  • Period : indicates in which days of the week the entered room allotments are valid:

    • Weekdays: on all working days
    • Weekend: at the weekend
    • Both: in both periods
    • Days of the week: the days of the week can be specified
  • Extra/Free: if this box is selected, when the allotments (occupancy) of rooms are terminated, the required room appears "On Request" in availability; vice versa, the hotel does not appears in the availability results

  • TSU on request: if selected, it indicates that the room type TSU (Twin Single Use) will appear available "On Request”, even if there are twin rooms (TWN) available

  • Max Release: the maximum number of hours before the checkin, within which the room can be released, if unsold

  • Allotment Plans: are used to facilitate the loading of allotments, especially in cases of different seasons and allow you to define a specific period associating the related allotments per room type. You can create them from the Allotment Plans button

  • Delete: if selected, it allows the removal of the line(s) of allotment inserted