This paragraph will explain to you the procedure step by step to upload a direct contract within the TOWeRS system.

Follow the step: Administration > Hotels > Contracts, choose the Country and the City in which the hotel is located and for who you want to create a new contract (or modify a contract already entered) and click on the Search button (all the loaded contracts in the selected city will appear, if present).

Contract Search

Create New Contract

To load a new contact, click on the button " New Contract" the Contract Anagraphic will open and it should be fill, explained below in detail:

New Contract

  • Main Options:

    • Name: field for assigning an identify label to recognize the contract
    • Country/City: localisation of the hotel
    • Hotels: the hotel to which the contract we are creating refers; by clicking on the “Obtain Contacts” button, it can automatically fill in the E-mail field with the address inserted in the Hotel Data ;
    • Channel Manager: if the contract is managed by a channel manager, it must be selected from the menu
    • Suppliers: the supplier with whom the contract for the hotel entered has been stipulated; by clicking on the "Obtain Contacts" button, you can automatically fill in the E-mail field with the address inserted in the Supplier Data
    • E-mail: the e-mail address that will receive the notifications regarding new bookings, modifications and cancellations
    • Markup: in this section there is a default markup applied to the tariffs entered for this contract (if necessary, it could be defined in the part of the tariffs)
    • Commission
    • Contract Type: the room type that also identifies the contract itself, for example: "Standard Room", "Superior Room", etc. (the types of room contracts are completely customizable by the customer using the TOWeRS system, by following the step: Administration > Hotels > Room Types);
  • Advanced Options:

    • Min children per room without adults: shows the minimum number of children who can stay in a room without adults
    • Extrabed with immediate confirmation: once selected, it says that the booking with the additional bed will be immediately confirmed if the room is available
    • Closure: used to set the supplier interface: establish if the supplier can insert closures only for extraallotment (free sale only), for all allotments or can choose from time to time
    • Release : used to insert/change the release time of all rooms in allotment, or of all rooms in free sales, or both
    • Bind tariff : the tariffs are defined for the cost of the stay:

      • standard : every day has its own tariff.

      Es : 1st day: 50, 2nd day: 25, 3rd day: 30 Total stay = 50 + 25 + 30

      • check-in : every day has the tariff of the first one.

      Ex : 1st day: 50, 2nd day: 25, 3rd day: 30 Total stay = 50 + 50 + 50

      • check-out : every day has the tariff of the last one.

      Ex : 1st day: 50, 2nd day: 25, 3rd day: 30 Total stay = 30 + 30 + 30

  • In the summary of prices in the availability we can see all the various prices, positioning above the cost of the room.

    • Release time : it is the check-in day time from which the release hours are calculated
    • VCC: allows to associate the virtual credit card portfolio in order to create the vcc for the reservations of this contract (DO NOT use -default)
    • Not visible to the CM : allows you to exclude the visibility of the contract bookings to the channel managers
    • Automatic Renewal:Allows the system to add an extra date to the contract every day by cloning the last rate entered.
    • Allow extra freesale:Allows the system to add rooms to those loaded in the Flex allotment section.
      • with 1 room in Flex Allotment adds 1, total 2 available
      • with 2 rooms in Flex Allotment adds 2, total 4 available
      • with 3 or more rooms in Flex Allotment adds 3, total available 3 or more + 3
    • Week-end tariff starting day: the day of the week in which the weekend tariffs starts
    • Week-end tariff ending day: the day in which the weekend tariffs ends
    • Week-end minimum-stay starting day: the first day of the weekend for the purpose of minimum stay
    • Week-end minimum-stay ending day: the last day of the weekend for the purpose of minimum stay
    • Languages for notification emails: the language of the notifications that will be sent to the supplier
    • TAG
    • Depends on: to be used only if the contract you are about to enter "Depends on" another contract previously entered. This contract will depend on allotments, extra allotments, release and closures
    • Blocked : used to completely stop the sale of a contract or to disable it