Minimum Stay

This section enables to set a compulsory minimum period of stay, indicated by the number of nights. This allow to show the contract in the availability only if the rules entered in this page are respected.

new minimum stay

  • Start Date and End Date: the dates when the minimum stay is valid
  • Generic/non-generic: you can specify the minimum number of nights of the room allotments entered in the contract:
    • generic: this is a single number of minimum nights for all the room types entered; it is necessary to fill out the Nights field (this field allows you to enter the minimum number of bookable nights)
    • non-generic: for each type of room you need to specify the minimum number of nights; it is necessary to fill out SGL, TSU, DBL, TWN, TRP, QUD with the number of minimum nights bookable
  • Nights: please insert the number of nights
  • Period: this indicates the days of the week when the minimum stay entered is valid:
    • Weekdays: on all working days;
    • Weekend: on the weekend;
  • Check-in day: if necessary, select the check-in days of when the minimum stay starts (per day of the week)
  • Forced Check in: if this box is selected, you intend to "oblige" the check-in on the day selected in the check-in day field.
  • On Request: if this box is selected, the contract will always be "On Request"
  • Forced: if this box is selected the system makes the check-in and check-out "forced" in the interval between the start/end dates. Vice versa the system enables stays "between" the dates indicated for check-in/check-out, always respecting the constraint of the minimum nights booked
  • Multiple: this enables you to set the minimum stay in the contract as a multiple of the defined value of "Nights". Example: Nights: 3, the contract is available with minimum stays of 3, 6, 9, or 12 nights.
  • Delete: if selected, this enables you to delete the rows configuring minimum stay that have already been entered