Derived Contracts

A derivative contract is a contract that shares allotments and rates with the “master contract” unless there is a rate change (percentage or amount).

In particular, the derivative contract shared by default with the master contract following characteristics:

  • Validity
  • Availability (allotment, free sale minimum and maximum stay, closures etc...)
  • Rates and margins (less than the specified delta)
  • Treatments
  • Blocks and nationalities

To create a new derived contract, among the main list of all contracts loaded, select the following symbol "+": new derived contract derived options

A derived contract is characterised by the following information:

  • name (this may be inherited from the "master contract")
  • tariff delta which can be two types:
    • amount: it is necessary to specify at least one value for each room type. This value will increase or decrease to the equivalent amount in the tariffs of the "master contract". (e.g.: half board supplement is equal to 10 euros per pax on BB tariffs). amount
    • percentage: you can set a single value only that will act on the tariffs of all room types. (e.g.: superior room costs 10% more than standard room). percentage

It is possible to decide not to inherit some of the elements from the master contract by deselecting the appropriate flag. In this case, the section you want to specialize in the derivative contract will be accessible from the menu section. In addition to this, it is possible to define booking and/or check-in interval valid only for the derivation as well as change the type of room.

A derivative contract can be blocked independently of the master contract with the appropriate flag.