This section enables to set, for one or more periods, a release time which is different from the one loaded in the Allotment section, which will consequently be overwritten.


  • Start Date and End Date: the dates on which the release is valid

  • Release: the number of hours/days before check-in, within which the room can be released if unsold. It no longer appears in availability

  • Max Release: the room becomes available if the request is made a maximum of N hours/days before the check-in

    • Example: "Last minute", if you want a contract (allotment or extra allotment) to go out in availability only from 2 days before check in, you set the max release to 48h
  • Free Sale Only: if checked, the release set applies only to flex/extra allotments and not also to basic allotments

  • Split: if selected, it allows you to insert a new period of release, inside a period previously inserted

  • Delete: if selected, enables to delete the release rows already inserted