This section enables you to enter the tariff conditions according to the contract with the hotel for each contracted room type. The tariffs can be inserted at the net of hotel, on a daily basis with VAT and taxes included. Tariff

It is possible to indicate the day of the week

  • Start Date and End Date: the dates when the tariffs are valid
  • SGL (Single), TSU (Twin Single Use), DBL (Double), TWN (Twin), TRP (Triple), QUD (Quadruple): fields dedicated for the insertion of prices for each room type;
  • COT (Cot), Extra (Extra bed): fields dedicated for inserting prices of the cot and extra bed;
  • Currency: the purchasing currency of the room
  • Calculate Tariffs: it facilitates the tariffs calculation for each room type, just by clicking the calculator symbol. The price per room and per person must be written on Base amount in order to calculate it for each room type needed. If a specific room(s) type is not available, just write 0.

Calculate tariff

  • Split: if selected, enables to enter a new tariff period within a previously entered period
  • Special: if selected, this will show the contract in the availability results as a "Special Offer"
  • Tariff Type: Markup/Commission/Profit: this field enables you to set the type of "margin" wanted for a specific contract by also enabling the type or group of client to be further "specialised".
  • Markup: it is possible to enter a different markup value (percentage) to the one set by default in the contract anagraphic

    • Specialise: enables to enter, for each client or group of clients, a different markup to the one set in the corresponding tariff row.


  • Commission: it is possible to enter a commission value (percentage) to specify the margin either for the client or the supplier

  • Profit: it is possible to specify the exact tariff at which you want to sell the contracted rooms for each type of room in oder to achieve specific margins

    • Specialise: it enables to enter a different tariff compared to the one entered previously for each client or group of clients in order to achieve a specific profit on each type of room;


  • Tariff Plans: are used to facilitate the loading of tariffs, especially in the case of different seasons or if there are different dates under the same season and allows to define a specific period by relating the corresponding tariffs based to the room type. They can be created by using the "Tariffs Plans" button

New Tariff Plan

  • Period: indicates which days of the week the tariffs inserted are valid:

    • Weekdays: on all working days;
    • Weekend: on the weekend;
    • Both: in both the periods;
    • Days of the week: it is possible to specify the days of the week
  • Tariff per person: if selected, there is no need to write tariffs for each room type
  • Special: if selected, the contract will appear in hee availability as “Special Offer”
  • Delete: if selected, it enables you to delete the row(s) of tariffs entered