Extra Allotment (Free Sale)

This section enables you to load additional availabilities to the allotments loaded in the Allotment section with the related time of release. The availability of the rooms in Free Sale can be managed by the supplier in terms of increases/closures.

New Extra Allotment

It is possible to indicate the day of the week

  • Start Date and End Date: dates of the rooms availability
  • Generic: the "counters" of the extra allotments can be of three types:

    • not generic: there is a counter for each type of room inserted
    • generic: there is a single counter for all types of rooms inserted
    • double only: double rooms and twin rooms share the same counter, while all other room types have their own dedicated counter
  • SGL (Single), DBL (Double), TWN (Twin), TRP (Triple), QUD (Quadruple): fields dedicated for the inserition of the number of rooms for each room type
  • Release: the number of hours before check-in within the room can be released, if unsold
  • Max Release: the maximum number of hours before check-in within which the room can be released, if unsold
  • Remove: this allows the lists of free sale rooms entered to be removed, if selected Attention: if the contract provides only rooms in Free Sale, the Allotment section needs to be always filled by inserting the value 0 in all the fields dedicated to the number of rooms.