Reductions 3rd and 4th bed

This section enables you to enter one or more periods for a percentage as a reduction or an amount, which applies to the net tariff loaded in the Tariffs page in the "EXTRA" and/or "COT" fields. The reductions can be made according to the age range.


  • Start Date and End Date: the date of minimum stay valid
  • Number of adults: the exact number of adults that stay in a room with extra beds where reductions have been applied
  • Minimum age: the minimum age of the child to whom the extra bed has been assigned
  • Maximum age: the maximum age of the child to whom the extra bed has been assigned
  • Children: it is possible to add more reductions according to the numbers of children (it is possible to insert up to 4 extra beds):

    • percentage in terms of the reduction from the tariff of the extrabed (e.g. the child staying free of charge will have a % of 0, because it will pay 0% of the tariff)
    • The amount is the cost of the extra bed, the tariff loaded for the extrabed will be ignored. The currency will be the same of the tariff.

Reduction for the second child

This reduction will be valid for a DBL/TWN room (as it is set for two adults) with children between the ages of 5 and 10. The first child will pay 30% of the tariff of the extra bed, the second child will pay 50 DZD. If the percentage for both child is the same, repeat it also on the 2nd child.