API check and creation of the client

The first step required is to check with the client whether the technology he uses is already certifitied in purchase with Netstorming or whether the client has already a contract with others certified HUB (for example: Travelgate, Juniper,...).

If the client is not connected yet to any certified HUB, it is necessary to get in contact with our department [xml.support@netstorming.net]() that will provide the documentation, the test credentials and will assist the client during the development.

If the API have been already certified, you can proceed with the creation of the Client. (See guide Customer Profile).

It is important to define which product you want to sell to the client; this configuration can be processed from the section Admin> Clients> Block plugin by selecting the suppliers to disable the sales for that client.

Once the client has been created with the proper configurations, it is necessary to send him the xml credentials together with the endpoint to contact to proceed with the connection.