To reduce the traffic if it's needed, it is possible to act on different parameters:

  • Limitation of requests in the Customer profile, tab web services, it is possible to set the limit for the maximum request per minute of the client.

  • Inventory:
  • In the section Clients and Block Plugin, it's possible to define the suppliers set to sell for that specific client.
  • In Customer Profile and tab web services, it's possible to upload a csv file with a hotel's set specific for the client.

  • Booking Window: In Customer Profile and Tab Limitations, you can set date/days for and until it is possible to make the check in.

For a better optimization, it is necessary to cooperate with the client. Specifically, the steps to follow are:

  • Ask the client competitiveness analysis (you may receive different requests but some other supplier has a better price than yours therefore he gets the sale)

  • Ask a file a mapped file product to verify that requests are sent to all and only the properties put available for that client

  • Ask traffic analiysis on their side: your client may have other clients to whom he resell your rates. Not all the clients have a good conversation rate therefore we can request to exclude those who only make queries without any bookings

  • Timeout verification Make sure the timeout configured is compatible with the customer